90 Day Eat Challenge

Welcome to the 90 Day E.A.T. Challenge!

  • The E.A.T. Challenge is HPC’s initiative to form loving relationships throughout the ministry through fellowship meals
  • The 90 Day E.A.T. challenge works like this…
  • Invite someone from HPC who is not already in your circle to fellowship during the week
  • Any fellowship with food or drink will qualify (e.g. lunch or hanging out at Starbucks)
  • The fellowship can take place out or at someone’s home.
  • Goal is to EAT with someone outside of your circle at HPC at least two times per month
E.A.T Challenge Vision
E.A.T Challenge Overview

90 Day E.A.T Fellowship Photos
Here are some photos from this summer’s challenge! Food and fun around Mooresville, NC and surrounding areas!