3 Conversations


Day of Prayer
 September 14th at 7pm
Small Groups
  • Senior Pastors’ Open Forum – Sept 20th at 7pm
  • Discussions on racism in America. Happening August – November 2020 via Zoom.
Anti-Racism Sunday
Participating churches will all preach a message on the sin of racism.
Sunday, October 4th. 
90 Day Challenge
  • Recognize
  • Assess
  • Communicate
  • Equalize
October 4th – December 31st 2020
Committed Churches
Abundant life FoursquareCentral UMCCentre PresbyterianFaith UMCHigher Purpose ChurchFieldstone PresbyterianFirst Presbyterian Jerusalem Miss. BaptistLighthouse ChurchRiver Life FellowshipSt Patrick’s EpiscopalUpper Praise MinistriesVanderburg UMCWest UMCWilliamson’s Chapel UMC
90 Day Challenge
A 3-month challenge that individuals will commit to conducting weekly material acts of intentional anti-racism. If we had an average of 50 people take the challenge across 10 churches that would result in 500 people taking the challenge. At this rate we could see 6,000 acts of Anti-Racism committed and publicized in Mooresville over 3 months! This act alone would significantly impact the Town of Mooresville and set an example to other parts of our community.
  • Recognize – Research the problem
    • Watch movies, read books, talk to diverse friends
  • Assess
    • Determine what influence you have on structural racism
      • E.g. Grocery Store Clerk – how many diverse customers can you help in a week?
  • Communicate
    • Join the challenge formally and share with friends for accountability
  • Equalize
    • Find opportunities to level the playing field each week and post on social media
  • A material act of anti-racism is anything that equalizes treatment of a Black person or people in a visible and tangible way
  • The act can be anything from helping someone to changing a work policy depending on your level of influence
      • For example a grocery store clerk could assist a Black family with a register problem
      • Helping a co-worker or coaching an employee through a problem at work
      • Advocating for equity in some form when the opportunity arises (e.g. in the community or on the job)
  • When the act happens – share on social media!
  • October 4th through December 31st 2020
  • To sign up – Text “90DAY” to 704.727.4454 so we can send you more information and further details as they become available.
Small Groups
  • Either a one time or multi-week online group that will discuss one aspect of racism in America
  • The sessions should enable real dialog and understanding of the problems but also being to establish solutions
  • Groups will include members from different ethnic groups across different churches
  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom
  • For many, in this country, we do not have meaningful relationships with people of different ethnicities
  • These groups will enable connection with people who are different from you to maximize learning and bring about mutual understanding
  • See the 3 levels below for scheduled dates. Note: there are extra groups for Levels 1 and 2 listed below the 3 original groups. 

Level 1
Discussion on
Race and the Gospel
This will be a 5-week discussion that follows the video teaching of Bryan Loritts and Matt Chandler, who use Paul’s words in Ephesians to address race, racism, and injustice and to look for an answer to these problems in the American church.
Text “GroupA” to 704-727-4454 to sign up for or ask questions about the group. 
Tuesdays, October 20th – November 17th, 8pm, online.
Level 2
Discussion on 
White Awake
This interactive discussion will focus on select chapters of the book by Daniel Hill, which “will give you a new perspective on being white and also empower you to be an agent of reconciliation in our increasingly diverse and divided world”.
Text “GroupB” to 704-727-4454 to sign up for or ask questions about the group.
Mondays, October 19th – November 16th, 8pm, online.
Level 3
Reflections on
Three Conversations
This group will be a discussion on the reasons why the 3 Conversations Initiative was started, what insights and experiences have come out of black and white pastors meeting together over the course of the initiative, and how the initiative and YOU can challenge and help dismantle systemic racial injustice in our community, country, and world.
Text “GroupC” to 704-727-4454 to sign up for or ask questions about the group.
Thursdays, October 22nd – November 19th, 7pm, online. 

Level 1 – Second Option

Discussion on Oneness Embraced– Led by Tamikia Greene, member of Faith United Methodist Church. This group will be a five-week discussion on video teachings from Oneness Embraced, in which Tony Evans talks about how black/white relations in the culture at large and in the church in particular continue to be a stain on America’s respectable reputation, while he also seeks to promote a biblical understanding of the kingdom foundation of oneness by detailing why we don’t have it, what we need to do to get it, and what it will look like when we live it. 

Mondays, October 19th-November 16th, 7pm, online.

Text “GroupD” to 704-727-4454 to sign up for or ask questions about this group. 

Level 2 – Second Option

Discussion on The Color of Compromise- Led by Matthew Pierce, member of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. This five-week group will watch and discuss the video lectures on The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby, in which he provides a unique survey of American Christianity’s racial past, revealing the concrete and chilling ways people of faith have worked against racial justice. Understanding our racial history sets the stage for solutions, but until we understand the depth of the malady we won’t fully embrace the aggressive treatment it requires. 

Wednesdays, October 21st-November 18th, 7pm, online.

Text “GroupE” to 704-727-4454 to sign up for or ask questions about this group. 

Day of Prayer
  • A multi-church event with leaders from each ministry praying for specific aspects of racism and unity in Mooresville and around the world
  • Conducted online via Facebook and YouTube and broadcast for all churches in involved and community members to view and participate
  • Prayer changes things!
  • Date is TBD and will occur in the month of August
  • To sign up – Text “PRAY” to 704.727.4454 so we can send you more information and further details as they become available.